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A lot of the issues I had (and many others) re your Elementary appreciation month was because you initially said you'd save the tweets we send you until END of month. That made no sense. It almost seemed like you were trying to get more twitter followers TBH. Maybe that wasn't your intention but that's how it seemed. some of us followed and were hit with nothing but BBC version and actors.

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Admittedly there was a disparity there.

   It’s me, Jocy, running the tumblr while Shannon and Rachel are more up on the twitter. I only joined this merry band at the beginning of July, just as we started the appreciation month. So I started doing things here, and they kept on theirs. We realize that along with our lack of planning, there was a lack of communication and coordination on what was happening between the two sites. 
   We will definitely try to improve on our teamwork for next time.

   The event was not a ploy for followers, but a genuine attempt to bring some love to Elementary (which I personally love to death and am really sorry that this fell flat). We are sorry if it seems we failed to deliver on what we promised and we’ll try harder to keep up with things and stay on target.

Thank you for your comment, and good night!



a brief summary of elementary




Elementary: Unreleased Music: Sherlock On The Roof (by BBCSherlockMusic)


NO | The Long Haul

Elementary Season 01 Episode 09    “ You Do It To Yourself “

episode ends with this incredible song

   The end of July might mark the end of our Elementary Appreciation Month, but that doesn’t mean it’s the last you’ll see of it from us, no sirree. It’s always Elementary Appreciation Month. Our site will try to continue to enjoy and spread the love for all versions of Sherlock Holmes. 

   We would like to apologize again that the event was poorly run. We thought it would be a great fun idea, but we soon realized we had bit off more than we could chew. We had few plans and even less time because of other commitments. 
   Being a little savvier now, in time we’d like to try this again, with Elementary and other versions.
   If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. 

Thanks, and have a good night!


 Joan and Sherlock 1x10

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One way or the other

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